[NTG-context] Sections in content: macros v text

Tomas Hala tomas.hala at mendelu.cz
Mon Oct 5 20:20:59 CEST 2020

Hi all,

the content generated by the MWE below contains 
1 bb ... 1
2 bb ... 1
instead of
1 aa ... 1
2 bb ... 1
because the content structure refers to the macro name \name in both sections instead of to work with the text.

Maybe it was already discussed by I am not able to find any solution how to send the text "aa" to the content in this case.

Thanks in advance for any hint.

Best wishes, 


MWE (TL2020):
\define\name{aa} \startsection[title=\name,list=\name] \stopsection
\define\name{bb} \startsection[title=\name,list=\name] \stopsection

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