[NTG-context] color problem

Susanne G. Loeber dekleurenfamilie at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 20:55:10 CEST 2020

Dear Reader,

I have a colored section, text in another color and a TikZ picture with a
differently colored node, following each other. However, either the node
gets the wrong color or the following paragraph, see example below.

Is there something wrong with the section settings? How do I get all the
colors right without using a paragraph in between?





















\startchapter[title={Colour test}, ref=colourtest]



\draw[text=A6plus] (0,0) rectangle (2,1) node[right] {node text should be


\par This a paragraph which gets the colour of the section for no reason.



\startchapter[title={Colour test 2}, ref=colourtest]

\startsection[title={Another section }]

\par This a paragraph in the appropriate text color (green).


\draw[text=A6plus] (0,0) rectangle (2,1) node[right] {node text is orange};




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