[NTG-context] Unwanted whitespace at beginning of document

Denis Maier denis.maier.lists at mailbox.org
Wed Sep 30 16:10:31 CEST 2020

Am 29.09.2020 um 16:16 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster:
> Denis Maier schrieb am 29.09.2020 um 14:26:
>> Hi,
>> I have ended up with unwanted whitespace at the beginning of my 
>> document. The environment definition is already quite complex, so I 
>> cannot easily tell where the whitespace is coming from. Any advice how 
>> I could track that down? Are there some tricks for this?
> 1. Create a dummy document where you load your environment, e.g.
> \environment[myenvironment]
> \starttext
> I'm a placeholder!
> \stoptext
> 2. Change the position of \stopenvironment in your style file until the 
> whitespace disappears.
Thanks. That was helpful.


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