[NTG-context] issue with interaction=all and \insertpages

Andres Conrado Montoya Acosta elandi at chiquitico.org
Wed Sep 23 06:34:35 CEST 2020

I am also following this question and some related ones by Pablo with great
interest, and it seems to me that it's falling through the cracks... so, I
am asking again: is it possible to preserve links correctly when imposing /
inserting pdf pages in ConTeXt?

El lun., 21 sept. 2020 a las 5:00, <ntg-context-request at ntg.nl> escribió:

>    3. issue with interaction=all and \insertpages (Pablo Rodriguez)
> Dear list,
> I have the following sample:
>   \setuplayout[page]
>   \setupinteraction
>      [state=start, color=, contrastcolor=, focus=standard]
>   \enabledirectives[references.border=red]
>   \setupexternalfigures[interaction=all, method=pdf]
>   \setupinteractionscreen[option={portrait, paper}]
>   \starttext
>   %~ \insertpages[http://gaceta.rsme.es/abrir.php?id=1495][width=0pt]
>   \insertpages[GacRSocMatEsp.pdf][width=0pt]
>   \stoptext
> I have some issues with it.
> 1. For some strange reason, the first \insertpages command with a remote
> file cannot deal with the interaction from the file (no internal or
> external links).
> 2. The local file includes internal destinations to page parts. After
> imposition, destinations to page for internal links cannot reach the
> page parts as links in original document do.
> 3. Even external links are converted. On last page,
> https://www.cs.umb.edu/~offner/files/pi.pdf is rewritten as
> https://www.cs.umb.edu/õffner/files/pi.pdf.
> Besides the rewritten link, would it be possible that links are added so
> they reach the same destinations as their source PDF document?
> Many thanks for your help,
> Pablo
> --
> http://www.ousia.tk

Thanks for your attention.
Andrés Conrado Montoya
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