[NTG-context] Full page image and caption in another page?

José de Mattos Neto josepmneto at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 19:42:57 CEST 2020

Hi, it's my first message on this list.

I've searched in ConTeXt manuals, TeX.SX and here, but couldn't find a way
to achieve these 4 requirements altogether:

   1. Place a figure as full-page figure
   2. Change orientation accordingly (if it's a landscape PDF, for instance)
   3. Make that using \setupfloat (or other setup), not directly in
   4. Place captions in another page (ideally on opposite page)


   - I can't get # 1 and # 3 at same time
   - \setupfloat doesn't have before option, which I could use to change
   - I have no idea how to accomplish # 4

A minimal working example (PDF in attachment):

\definepapersize[default][A4, portrait]
\definelayout[default][topspace=0.6cm, topdistance=0cm, header=1cm,
                       height=27.3cm, footer=0cm,
                       backspace=4.2cm, width=13.6cm]
\setuppagenumbering[alternative=doublesided, location={header}]

\definepapersize[rotate][A4, landscape]
                       width=1\textwidth, height=1\textheight,
                       before={\setuppapersize[rotate]}] % there's no
before in setupfloat
\setupcaption[bigfigure][location={opposite}] % there's no opposite
location in setupcaption


\setuppapersize[rotate] % this doesn't work because is in same page
\startplacebigfigure[title={A cow}]{\externalfigure[cow]}\stopplacebigfigure


Thanks in advance!
José Neto
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