[NTG-context] \startstructurelevel

Denis Maier denis.maier.lists at mailbox.org
Sun Sep 20 10:39:56 CEST 2020


I'm using \startstructurelevel so I can nest sections without having to 
worry about where I am at the moment. (Actually I'm typesetting JATS 
XML, and there's only one <sec> tag, and using \startstructurelevel 
makes the mapping easier.)
Now, for the bibliography, I need an unnumbered heading. How can I get 

Browsing through the source I came across this: 

So, it seems that \startstructurelevel is just an alias for 
\startsectionlevel. Right?
Unnumbered headings can be produced with \startsubjectlevel

So, is there a way to let \startstructurelevel the unnumbered variant, 
or should I just use \startsubjectlevel instead?

By the way, is there a reason for the existence \startstructurelevel 
next to \startsectionlevel? What's the exact purpose of this?


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