[NTG-context] Add arrow tips to axes in lmt_function

Jairo A. del Rio jairoadelrio6 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 19 18:54:15 CEST 2020

Hi, list! I want to know how to add arrow tips for axes (x, y) to a
function. I did the following based on a luametafun example:

draw lmt_function
xmin=0, xmax=10,
ymin=-2, ymax=2,

code="1.5 * math.cosd(240 * math.sqrt(x))",


sx=2mm, sy=4mm, linewidth=.025mm, offset=.1mm,]

xsized 8cm;

But I didn't find anywhere in manuals or the mailing list concerning
arrows, nor key-value pairs for lmt_function. Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Jairo :)
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