[NTG-context] ZapfDingbats Unicode differences MKIV vs LMTX

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Fri Sep 18 16:17:21 CEST 2020

On 9/18/2020 11:23 AM, Christoph Reller wrote:
> Dear List,
> I have the following MWE:
> \definefontsynonym[ZapfDingbats][file:ZapfDingbats][features=dingbats]
> \usemodule [fnt-10]
> \starttext
> (1) \getglyphdirect{ZapfDingbats}{61491}\crlf % MKIV log: char  
> (U+0F033) in font 'ZapfDingbats-4' with id 8: missing
> (2) \getglyphdirect{ZapfDingbats}{983059}     % LMTX log: char 󰀓 
> (U+F0013) in font 'ZapfDingbats-4' with id 8: missing
> \ShowCompleteFont{name:ZapfDingbats}{14pt}{1}
> \stoptext
> In MKIV, line (1) fails to output the requested glyph, while line (2) 
> produces a "check" (✓). In LMTX, line (2) fails and line (1) produces 
> the "check" (✓) . The output of "\ShowCompleteFont" reports differing 
> Unicodes for the same glyphs. Apparently the Unicodes for ZapfDingbats 
> have changed.
> I would like to have a "check" (✓) in the output for both MKIV and LMTX. 
> Options:
> A) Is there a way to address the glyph in ZapfDingbats for both MKIV and 
> LMTX uniformly, e.g. by glyph index? (By glyph name does not seem to 
> work: MKIV reports glyph names, LMTX does not.)
> B) Is there a conditional that I can build into the source to 
> distinguish between MKIV and LMTX?
> C) Is there a font in the distribution for which I can have a 
> "check"-symbol in both MKIV and LMTX?
Dingbats are old school t1 without proper names so we can't use 
unicodes. However, there is a goodie that should do that so that in 
principle it should work with unicodes but there is some interference 
going on (i'll look at that)

For nwo access by 'name' or 'index' (these are kind of stable for such 
an old font):

      n:a34  : \getglyph{ZapfDingbats}{\tochar{n:a34}}  \par
      n:a35  : \getglyph{ZapfDingbats}{\tochar{n:a35}}  \par
      i:48   : \getglyph{ZapfDingbats}{\tochar{i:48}}   \par
      i:49   : \getglyph{ZapfDingbats}{\tochar{i:49}}   \par
      n:a104 : \getglyph{ZapfDingbats}{\tochar{n:a104}} \par
      n:a105 : \getglyph{ZapfDingbats}{\tochar{n:a105}} \par


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