[NTG-context] problem embedding TABLE macros within wrapper macros "to reduce repetitive complexity")

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 15:17:35 CEST 2020

Rudd, Kevin schrieb am 09.09.2020 um 17:32:
> [Workable solution found]
> After more exploration, the following seems to solve the problem of 
> creating a simple 2x2 quad chart; thanks for the explanation that the 
> \bTD requires a matching \eTD in the immediate (not future expanded) 
> evaluation context. I prefer the \start* and \stop* model but for the 
> moment this solution works for my current purpose. The good part is that 
> it does abstract out the interface so that I can change it in the future 
> without needing to change the slide text. I may investigate a better 
> (parametrizable/reconfigurable) solution later if I end up needing a 
> more complex paned-layout environment that doesn't need direct access to 
> the TABLE (or some other more relevant) interface.
> MWE demonstrator; there's other cruft in the actual definitions for my 
> purposes.
> \starttext
>      \define\startPaneSlide{\bTABLE}
>      \define\stopPaneSlide{\eTABLE}
>      \long\def\PaneRow#1{\bTR #1 \eTR}
>      \long\def\Pane#1{\bTD #1 \eTD}
>      \startPaneSlide
>          \PaneRow{\Pane{aaa bbb ccc ddd}\Pane{eee fff ggg hhh}}
>          \PaneRow{\Pane{iii jjj kkk lll}\Pane{mmm nnn ooo ppp}}
>      \stopPaneSlide
> \stoptext

For very short texts like in your example you can use the short form of 
natural tables.


\NC aaa bbb ccc ddd \NC eee fff ggg hhh \NC\NR
\NC iii jjj kkk lll \NC mmm nnn ooo ppp \NC\NR



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