[NTG-context] problem embedding TABLE macros within wrapper macros "to reduce repetitive complexity")

Rudd, Kevin kevin at lps.umd.edu
Tue Sep 8 19:50:37 CEST 2020

I have a number of slides using \...framedtext blocks to break the slides into panes within a TABLE environment (TMI: not in MWE; merely my justification for writing the wrapper macros). When the TABLE macros are invoked explicitly it all works fine and produces a suitable single-cell table with "quux blech baz bar foo" framed; when embedded in macros (whether defined by \def, \unexpanded\def, \define) then it fails with the error "The file ended when scanning an argument. => fatal error: return code: 256. A previous question on the topic seemed to indicate that TABLE was suitable, so I figure that something subtle is wrong as I've invoked the embedded TABLE macros. Any suggestions?

Many thanks,

MWE: this code fails if the \...PaneSlide block is uncommented, succeeds if commented out.


            quux blech baz bar foo

            foo bar baz blech quux

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