[NTG-context] styling individual parts of ToC entry

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 11:16:08 CEST 2020

jbf schrieb am 05.09.2020 um 03:35:
> Now that with Hraban's invaluable assistance I am able to include title, 
> subtitle, author as and when necessary in the ToC and put them on the 
> same line if I need to, I have two questions that I have not found a 
> satisfactory solution to after playing around with various possibilities.
> I need:
> (1) the author's names lined up vertically throughout the ToC, and
> (2) the first part of the entry (e.g. Foreword) to be bold, but the 
> author name to be regular text.
> An adjusted version of Hraban's setup can show what I have tried by way 
> of example:
> %----------------
> \define[1]\TitleTocEntry{%
>    #1\hskip 1cm% title
>     \structurelistuservariable{author}%
>    }
> \setuplist[title][textstyle=bold,
>    textcommand=\TitleTocEntry,
> ]
> %---------------
> /Question 1:/ /How to get the two author names to line up vertically./ 
> Given that I have both a Foreword and a Preface, I am using \title for 
> these. And both have separate authors. The titles will be simply 
> 'Foreword' and 'Preface', obviously.
> *Foreword     Author name*
> *Preface    Author name*
> I am using \hskip 1cm to separate the authors' names from either of 
> those two words. But this does not give me the kind of exact positioning 
> I need to get the two author names directly underneath each other in the 
> list. I have tried various alternatives to \hskip, but none of them can 
> give me the correct proportional distance. The distance is obviously 
> being controlled by the fact that 'Foreword' is 8 characters and 
> 'Preface' is 7. Is what I want only obtainable with a table setup?
> The issue might or might not be more complicated when I get to main 
> chapters, where the author names need to line up with the Foreword and 
> Preface author names as well. There will be, e.g.
> Chapter One  Title
>                         Author name
> //
> /Question 2:/ /How to independently get Foreword and Preface to be bold, 
> but the authors' names to be regular./ \setuplist offers me options like 
> textstyle, pagestyle, numberstyle, but they apply to everything (both 
> Foreword/Preface and Authors' name are bold). I thought perhaps I could 
> control it from within the document, e.g.
> \starttitle[title={\ss\bf Foreword}][author={A. Uthor}]
> But that does the same - both Foreword and A. Uthor end up bold. And 
> besides, I also want to style the ToC independently of the heads if I can.
> The wiki and various manuals do offer various tips on modifying the ToC, 
> but I cannot find anything regarding the two questions above - not yet, 
> anyway. If someone knows where, please point me to it.

      \hbox to 3cm{\currentlistsymbol\hss}% number + labeltext
        \currentlistentrytitle % title
        \hfill\currentlistentrypagenumber % pagenumber


   [chapter=Chapter ]



\startchapter [title={Chapter title}] [author={Author 



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