[NTG-context] Index formatting difference LMTX and MkIV

Rik Kabel ConTeXt at rik.users.panix.com
Thu Aug 27 01:37:43 CEST 2020

Hello list,

I have an index which uses multilevel indexing (a+b+c) to insert entries 
which contain snips of text. LMTX behaves differently from MkIV when 
trimming that text, resulting in line wrapping which does not happen 
with MKiV. I am not sure when this began -- I just picked up work again 
on this project this week after a hiatus of a couple of months.

This does not occur in every instance, but it happens often enough in 
this 20 page two-column index to add another full page, and it looks 
ugly in comparison (although perhaps no index looks good).

The source is the same for both LMTX and MkIV. There is no explicitly 
conditional coding.

With MkIV, I get:

With LMTX, I get:

I am struggling to prepare a MWE, but will try to do so if there is no 
obvious difference to those who ken the code. The problem may not be 
unique to register creation, but I have not noticed other appearances of 
the issue in the text.


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