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Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Tue Aug 25 20:14:04 CEST 2020


The current version of lmtx has some updated tracing of memory usage. 
This is irrelevant for most users but some of you generat elarge an 
complex files so ... (I'm talking about mf here).

There is a command line option


that will make a run report some more statistics. The info shown might 
look somewhat cryptic but we basically have (per category)

- max: the maximum allowed memory (for many categories we can make that 
larger, but I need proof that it's needed)

- min: this is how we start out

- stp: when more memory is needed, this is the step that we use to increase

- set: this is the value that context configures by default, often 
larger than min, and less than max

- mem: the memory usage (often in units)

- all: the real usage (multiplied by the unit)

- ini, ptr and top: are the startup values (when something is also 
stored in the format), the current usage and the max usage (all within 
the mentioned min-max range).

The rest speaks for itself. Font usage reflects only the tex end, of 
course there is plenty usage at the lua end. The language info .... I 
might extend that with pattern and exception usage. Actually, tex memory 
usage is not that large in luametatex.

When mem gets increased, there is a message. We can use that to 
eventually determine the best values. Actually we might even lower some 
initial values (not that it matters much, lua uses more).

Of course there is also


but that one has been there from the start, although I did update it to 
reflect the more detailed tracing. The graphics are the same as always: 
red lines are usage, the blue line is the runtime.

In general, memory management has been improved: all categories are now 
more dynamic, there is more checking for overflows, there is some 
recovery slack in allocation, etc. I will play a bit more some of it, 
for instance we might end up with more detailed configuration options, 
in addition the the already new ones.


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