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I'm attempting to typeset a short book using ConTeXt (current version: 2020.08.09 22:03).








\startsection[title={The concept of a function}]
\startsection[title={Extension and intension}]
\startsection[title={Functions of several variables}]


\startsection[title={Primitive symbols, and formulas}]
\startsection[title={Fundamental theorems on well-formed formulas and on the normal form}]


I would like all the chapters to be prefixed with "Chapter RN." and the sections to keep a single count,
for example:

Chapter I. Introductory .....
1. The concept of a function
2. Extension and intension
3. Functions of several variables
4. Abstraction
Chapter II. Lambda Conversion .....
5. Primitive symbols and formulas
6. Conversion
7. Fundamental theorems on well-formed formulas and on the normal form

I tried to the following for the chapters:

\defineconversion[church][Chapter \Romannumerals.\quad]


Which appeared to generate the prefix correctly but it overlapped the title.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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