[NTG-context] Help on tweaking alignment, page numbers and ToC

Nicola nvitacolonna at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 18:06:07 CEST 2020

On 2020-08-13, Pablo Rodriguez <oinos at gmx.es> wrote:
> On 8/13/20 5:17 PM, Nicola wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I still have an issue with blank pages...
>>>> 2. Vertically center the ToC (wrt to the text area).
>>> Use a makeup for the TOC (if and only if it takes a single page).
>> Yes, the ToC takes a single page. The makeup seems to insert a blank
>> page afterwards. MWE:
> Hi Nicola,
> all makeups do that by default.
> "doublesided=no" is what you need.

Thanks. That works with my MWE, but in my document I actually have
a chapter, and chapters start on the right page, even if I add page=no
to \setuppagenumbering:


I have no idea how to allow chapters to start at arbitrary pages when


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