[NTG-context] weird issue with xtable

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Thu Aug 13 15:33:11 CEST 2020

On 8/13/20 2:33 PM, Taco Hoekwater wrote:
> [...]
> I forgot to answer this. Simple explanation:
> * 'restricted horizontal mode' is inside an \hbox{} or something similar like a header/footer,
>   where line breaks are forbidden
> * ‘horizontal mode’ is inside a paragraph, where line breaks are possible
> But the ‘restricted’ part is not relevant to your problem, \prevdepth
> is forbidden in horizontal mode  regardless of restrictions; it is
> only allowed in vertical mode.
Manny thanks for your explanation, Taco.

> Somehow your table ends up being typeset in a horizontal context,
> based on the error message (at least, if we assume that the error
> message was triggered by a table).
I think it is easy to trigger the error:

    \ifvmode yes\else no\fi

> But why that is? I do not have any other good ideas. And
> unfortunately lots of different things in ConTeXt can trigger an
> implicit horizontal context.>
> For debugging, you could try adding this to the preamble (or grouped
> around each xtable, for slightly less damage to the vertical
> spacing):>
>   \let\prevdepth\relax
>   \newdimen\prevdepth
> that should at least remove the error report.  The vertical spacing
> in the pdf output will be wrong (!!!), but perhaps the output can
> provide a clue about what triggered the problem.
No idea of what is going wrong here.

My setups are even simplistic:



\startxmlsetups xml:table:split

But it seems that this cannot be fixed without investing much time.

I’m afraid I don’t have this time now.

Many thanks for your help,


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