[NTG-context] weird issue with xtable

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Aug 13 13:16:10 CEST 2020

> On 13 Aug 2020, at 13:07, Pablo Rodriguez <oinos at gmx.es> wrote:
> Dear list,
> in order to avoid a problem already reported
> (https://mailman.ntg.nl/pipermail/dev-context/2020/003694.html), I added
> to an indiviual table \startxtable[split=yes] (being the default in the
> document \setupxtable[split=repeat, header=repeat]).
> But I’m experiencing a weird issue with that approach.
> I get the following error message (that breaks compilation) when I add
> \setupxtable[split=yes]:
>   You can't use '\prevdepth' in restricted horizontal mode
> The single document (actually, an XML file) compiles just fine, but when
> combined together to generate a PDF document over 1000 pages, I get the
> error above.
> My questions are: what is the restricted horizontal mode (as different
> from the horizontal mode)? Why might it be triggered with
> \startxtable[split=yes] in the huge source, but not in the single file?

At a wild guess, as I had a similar problem in my XML: try using \startembeddedxtable
instead of \startxtable. In my case, what happened was that a row of the xtable
ended up in the header/footer, generating the same error message you got. 

Not sure if it is actually the same problem, but switching is worth a shot.
The \startxtable does not like to be wrapped into other environments, 
so \startembeddedxtable is much better for that.

Best wishes,

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