[NTG-context] headers again

jbf roma83537 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 02:03:23 CEST 2020

Understandably, with work going on for the new \command pages, 
heatwaves, upcoming ConTeXt meeting, people are very busy. I understand 
that. In the meantime, I haven't yet found a solution (though I have 
tried many) to my own problem, small though it is by comparison. So let 
me try again, putting it  simply:

Where running heads (headers) are concerned, if I use \chapter I have no 
problems, nor should I expect any. But because I am also using \title, 
given that I need some unnumbered chapters interspersed  among them, I 
run into difficulties with headers. Numbered chapters have the correct 
headers, unnumbered ones (with \title) either don't have them, or do not 
have the proper chapter header (they pick up the header from the 
previous numbered chapter).

At the moment the only thing I have in the preamble is the expected set 
of commands for the numbered chapters:


I thought that might work for the unnumbered ones (\title), thinking 
that maybe \title inherits from \chapter, but it doesn't. But no amount 
of variations on the above commands (repeating them but replacing 
'chapter' with 'title'; adding [title] or just title, in the first set 
of commands in various positions...) gives me the correct result.

I am assuming, of course, that there is a solution to this difficulty, 
and that it may be simple. But I haven't found it. Is the problem that I 
am using \title in the main body to get my unnumbered chapters? I 
wouldn't think so? It produces the correct result, utlimatley, in the 
TOC, Is it possible that I may have something else in my preamble that 
is causing the problem? If so, I can't expect someone to 'guess' that 
from outside! But at the moment I don't think that is the problem.

If not a direct solution, are there any clues someone might give me that 
will lead me to finding my own solution? It would be much appreciated.


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