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jbf roma83537 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 07:41:31 CEST 2020

Clearly I am now getting myself quite confused where headers are 
concerned, and have sought as much info as I can on the wiki, but am not 
getting the desired results. We are talking about ConTeXt MkIV and a 
doublesided document.

If I only use \chapter throughout and have my setup as:


then everything works as it should: Chapter title as header on recto 
pages and book title as header on verso pages. And as chapters change so 
does the header on the recto page.

But this book has some 'chapters' that need to be unnumbered, for which 
I am using \title in the main body (as well as in frontmatter). 
Everything else about this choice works, except for the recto headers.

If I use ONLY the setup above, then fairly obviously the numbered 
Chapters work, but those with \title continue to use the previous 
Chapter header for the recto pages (the verso pages with the book title 
is okay). So I understand that I may need to also give a command for the 
\title 'chapters' to act the way the other numbered chapters do. So I 
thought I could do this by simply adding the same set of commands above, 
but this time using title:



However, when I do this, I get strange behaviour: now the numbered 
chapters do not show their recto header at all (the verso book title 
still appears though). The unnumbered \title chapters now show the 
headers but the same behaviour as indicated above occurs - the next 
numbered chapter after that carries the previous unnumbered chapter's title.

Obviously I cannot do things the way I am doing it, but I cannot find 
how to do it.

The other behaviour is the one I noted in an earlier post -  if I get 
\title (used for an introduction) in the frontmatter to work with the 
correct headers, in the case of this Introduction (which is seven 
pages), the last of the recto pages does not bear the header 
'Introduction'. Perhaps this is expected behaviour?


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