[NTG-context] custom header/footer for 1st/other pages of section

Mike Cooper mike at murchisondrillingschools.com
Tue Aug 11 19:20:07 CEST 2020

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> Mike Cooper schrieb am 10.08.2020 um 23:40:
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> > Thank you Wolfgang!
> >
> > I tried to change your code from chapters to sections (since that's what I was
> already using) but it didn't work.  So, I switched my sections to chapters and it
> works great!  But it also caused me to run into other things I'd set up manually that
> I'm having to figure out---good way to learn!  Haha!
> You can only set header or footer settings when the section starts on a
> new page. Permitting these two values for every section without this
> restrictions can lead to problems because there can be cases where you
> have different section levels on the same page and the setting from the
> last command on the page counts.

That makes sense.  I wasn't really thinking of my sections as "chapters" per se.  And I was forcing sections (each >5 pages) to start on new (odd) pages.  But switching to chapters is fine and takes care of some other stuff I was forcing.


> > One thing I *CANNOT* figure out:  I've been using \doifoddpageelse to put in a
> blank/empty page at the end of a section (if needed) so that new sections always
> start on an odd page.  This is still working with the change to chapters from
> sections, EXCEPT for the first chapter (after TOC)!  Totally stuck with that one...
> Let me guess you divide your document into section blocks (frontmatter,
> bodymatter etc.).
> When this is the case you have to first disable the page setting for
> these blocks because they interfere with the header/footer setting. To
> disable the page breaks add
>    \setupsectionblock
>      [frontpart,bodypart]
>      [page=no]
> to your document setups.

How does this interact with \startsectionblockenvrironment?  I found this on wiki.contextgarden.net/Table_of_Contents for suppressing header/footer on TOC.  I did not specify frontmatter before, but moving the header/footer content into the environment file messed up my formerly clean TOC page.  :-)   So, I've currently got:


Do I keep this and also include your code above?  Or can both things be taken care of together somehow?

> No you can change the settings for the page break at the begin of each
> chapter to
>    \setuphead
>      [chapter]
>      [page={yes,header,footer,right}]
> which
>    1. Finishes the last page of the previous chapter
>    2. Disables the header and footer for the next (empty) page
>    3. Adds a empty page when necessary to start the new chapter on a right page

Excited to try this once I know what to do with the sectionblock stuff.

Going to fiddle...


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