[NTG-context] Help on tweaking alignment, page numbers and ToC

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Tue Aug 11 14:53:02 CEST 2020

On 8/11/20 1:32 PM, Nicola wrote:
> Hi,
> first of all, let me say *thank you* for the vast improvements on
> ConTeXt Garden! Browsing the documentation and finding stuff is so
> much easier and pleasant than it used to be (also the site seems
> faster).

Hi Nicola,

Garulfo invested a lot of time and effort in the new wiki layout and

Taco is always improving the software that runs the wiki (and the source).

Many thanks to them and to all other developers.

> Thanks to the docs, dropcaps and protrusion have no secrets for me,
> but I am still struggling with some basic tasks (see the document
> below):
> 0. Push text to the bottom of the text area (see copyright).

Well, \setupalignment tweaks position in line (Iโ€™d rather say). Bottom
isnโ€™t an option there.

Adding \null\vfill before the alignment does the job.

> 1. Increase the space between Roman numbers and titles in the ToC.

distance with dimension is the key in \setuplist.

> 2. Vertically center the ToC (wrt to the text area).

Use a makeup for the TOC (if and only if it takes a single page).

> 3. Suppress page numbers and headers in all blank pages.

Break pages with \page[yes, blank].

> 4. Suppress headers in the front matter.

This would be my educated guess:


> 5. Style and position page numbers differently in the front and body
>    matter (e.g., centered only in the front matter).

Alignment only (style comes with the proper option ๐Ÿ˜‰):

  \setuppagenumbering[location={bottom, inmargin}]

    \setuppagenumbering[location={bottom, centered}]

> As my full document uses environments, I would like most setups to
> be in the environment, if possible. E.g., is it possible to replace
>     \setuphead[chapter][after={}]
> (see below) with an environment setup that applies only to the ToC?

Either you create and set up a \chapter command for the TOC (such as
\chapterTOC) to use it only once, or you create a sectionblock that you
apply only for the TOC (and define the chapter settings for that

I never used environments (other than the ones to typeset XML sources),
so this is my best option ๐Ÿ˜….

I hope it helps,


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