[NTG-context] How can I use ConTeXt from TeXLive2020 ?

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Mon Aug 10 15:20:00 CEST 2020

On 8/10/2020 2:59 PM, Otared Kavian wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> Thank you and Taco for helping.
> In order to help solve the problem of running ConTeXt from MacTeX, I installed MacTeX2020 (which is the same as TeXLive2020). Now if in a Terminal window I do
> 	which context
> the answer is:
> 	/Library/TeX/texbin/context
> And the answer to
> 	which pdflatex
> is
> 	/Library/TeX/texbin/pdflatex
> Also the answer to:
> 	which luatools
> is
> 	/Library/TeX/texbin/luatools
> So the binaries are in /Library/TeX/texbin, which is in fact an alias for
> 	/usr/local/texlive/2020/bin/x86_64-darwin
> Now, as you and the « ConTeXt (LuaTeX) » engin suggest, if I do
> 	luatools --generate
> then the answer is:
> 	mtxrun | unknown script 'base.lua' or 'mtx-base.lua'
> It is possible that the version of mtxrun or luatools scripts in TeXLive are not working.
> I don't remember what I did with TeXLive2019 to fix the issue, but my concern is that if including ConTeXt in TeXLive is intended for people to use it, then it SHOULD run without such tweakings which, even for someone who is a regular user of ConTeXt, are not easy to find.
> The solution consisting of installing a standalone tree of ConTeXt, is not a real solution because many people do not know how to do it and, even if they could, then what would be the point of doing so much work for people who include a ConTeXt tree in TeXLive?
> Anyway, I apologize for my acrimonius remarks, and I thank you again for your help.
The luatools script was there to offer some kpse like functionality but 
it has been obsolete for ages (the generate was in mtx-base at that 
time). Just use

   mtxrun --generate


   context --make

which does a generate anyway (normally)


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