[NTG-context] french translation of ConTeXt interface - progress (v3)

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 20 11:38:32 CEST 2020

Hi Garulfo,

I uploaded a version that has some of the tranmslations merged in. I'll 
now check some more, but I also saw some issues.

A criterium is that translations of variables and constants only are for 
those that internally are used as v! and c! while for instance the s! 
are untranslated (they often are so very 'system' that translation does 
more harm than good. So, we don't translate some font related keys 
simply because in many cases the styles etc are not guaranteed coded 
neutral (most are)). It doesn't harm to have non-used entries in the 
table but best play clean.

Special cases are for instance metapost things, so we don't translate an 
instance name 'lessfun'. Again, it does no harm to have the entries but 
there is no such 'moinsfun' defined because this is a system key. A 
general rule can be:

- things we do in styles that are very unlikely to be done by users of 
an interface don't need a translation.

- very basic system things neither (\startluacode for instance; we can 
of course provide a translated variant but current we don't yet)

- commands like \AfterPar ... debatable, as we might actually have 
better alternatives for that ; the same for NormalizeFontHeight (not 
that many such camelcase names btw, often old macros that come from 
modules we made first)

- Logos like MetaFont: no need for translation

- beware of defining primitives (notr sure why kern was in the 
translated table)

Anyway, I assume wolfgang will check changes too. We just stepwise add 
what was missing (indeed there were commands not in the list yet; some 
are generated commands, so maybe I also need to make sure the english 
variant keeps available just in case it's used deep down for some 
reason, often that is already the case so not that much danger).

More later, I assume you put the latest files on the gardne (your zip),


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