[NTG-context] No inverse Search when using \usepath

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Sat Jul 11 18:08:44 CEST 2020

On 7/11/2020 5:22 PM, Gerhard Schramm wrote:
> Hello List,
> Greetings to all members! This is my first post here...
> Relatively new in Context, I've loved it since the first minute!
> I write technical manuals with Context.
> Some chapters of the manuals are depending on the type of the machine 
> which are described in the manual.
> I try  to use \usepath  to load the right texfile from different 
> folders.   My variable for searching the correct folder is \machinename.
> \machinename is set before compiling
> The folders are:
> /MakeText/Ang/machineA/techdaten/Ang_techdaten.tex
> /MakeText/Ang/machineB/techdaten/Ang_techdaten.tex
> ...
> /MakeText/Ang/machineX/techdaten/Ang_techdaten.tex

You can also do this (thatfile.tex):



see what we have:



run as:

   context thatfile.tex --machine=mymachine

or maybe

    context thatfile.tex --path=mymachine

is also sufficient

> Tex example:
> \usepath[/MakeText/Ang/\machinename/]
> ....
> \input   /techdaten/Ang_techdaten.tex
> \input   /otherfolder/otherfile.tex
> \input...

> I can compile and I get a nice PDF,  but the inverse search is not 
> possible. (I use Sumatra and Notepad++)
> NPP only looks at the path after    \input... /techdaten/Ang_techdaten.tex
> Do any of you know a workaround  for this?
> Is   \usepath the suited command?
What do you mean with 'inverse search'?


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