[NTG-context] LSP support

Alan Braslau braslau.list at comcast.net
Sat Jun 27 18:14:49 CEST 2020

A start:

A Language Server for Lua code, written in Lua.
Supports Lua 5.1-5.3 and Luajit


On 27/06/20 04:13, Saša Janiška wrote:
> Hello,
> yesterday while exploring features/plugins of Kakoune (https://kakoune.org/)
> editor I, naturally, asked about ConTeXt/LaTeX support and was told about
> TexLab project (https://github.com/latex-lsp/texlab) bringing LSP
> (https://microsoft.github.io/language-server-protocol/) support for LaTeX.
> Interestingly enough, by browsing through the tickets I've found the following
> issue: "ConTeXt support" (https://github.com/latex-lsp/texlab/issues/166) where
> one of the, afaict, main devs of the project replied with:
> "ConTeXt support is definitely in scope of this project.
> Our LaTeX parser does not rely on LaTeX specifics
> but a lot of the features like code completion rely on LaTeX specifics.
> Nevertheless, supporting ConTeXt is a lot of effort at the moment
> as I have never used ConTeXt before.
> Supporting the project structure of ConTeXt would probably be the first
> step. "
> Of course, I'm glad that TexLab project does provide LSP support and bringing
> it to the Kakoune editor as well, but I'm sure that many of you know
> that bringing ConTeXt support to TexLab would benefit users of **many**
> other editors since these today many most popular editors (Atom, Emacs,
> SublimeText, (neo)Vimn, VScode...) are having support for LSP.
> Unfortuantely, I'm ConTeXt noob and not speaking Rust, but just want to bring
> the information if there are people familiar with both about potential benefit
> for ConTeXt to get LSP support.
> Sincerely,
> Saša

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