[NTG-context] Translation of ConTeXt interface

Garulfo garulfo at azules.eu
Sat Jun 27 00:04:34 CEST 2020

>> Math. I get the following error :
>> fonts  > preloading latin modern fonts (second stage)
>> fonts  > defining > font with asked name 'fichier' is not found using 
>> lookup 'file'
>> fonts  > defining > unknown font 'fichier', loading aborted
>> I suppose that due to the translation of "file" to "fichier".
>> It's OK when I switch back to
>> - setupstrings    cd:file ==> file
> You can translate these string because they are only used in the command 
> list to provide the texts which are shown in uppercase letter, e.g. NUMBER.
>> - variables file    ==> file
> Constants (\c!...) and variables (\v!...) can be changed, only 
> parameters which use the form \s!... have to be english in all cases 
> (saves memory and improves performance).
>> How can I translate the variable "file" into fichier, without messing 
>> with fonts (and maybe other file related functions)
> There shouldn't be a problem with fonts because they use \s!file or 
> \s!name which aren't translated (unless you made the mistake and have 
> \c!file in your typescripts). It's possible there is a bug somewhere but 
> you have to provide a minimal example.

My understanding:

I translated \setupbodyfont into \configurerfonteprincipale.

But I didn't specify any font in the input file.

As soon as I specified \configurerfonteprincipale[pagella,10pt] in the 
input file, font messages "'fichier' is not found" disappear.

Is there an additionnal thing to do in order to enable the loading of a 
default math font, without any font specification, but still with 
translations of "file" into "fichier" ?

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