[NTG-context] How could I find the 'depth' of an element found with xml.first()?

Gerben Wierda gerben.wierda at rna.nl
Thu Jun 18 15:24:26 CEST 2020

Given the following XML snippet

	<opa id=“opa">
		<Foo name="SubFoo Level One" id="Foo">
			<Foo name="SubFoo Level Two" id="Foo_2">
				<bar id="Bar" name="A Bar">
					<bar name="Bar Level Three" id="Bar_2">
						<Foo id="oma">OmaFoo</Foo>
				<Foo name="Fuzz Level Four" id="Fuzz"/>
			<Foo name="SubFoo Level Two" id="Foo_3">
				<fuzz name="Fuzz" id="Fuzz_2"/>

How would I go about to find the depth of an item found with an LPATH? E.g.

//[id="Foo_3"] would find a node at depth 2 (assuming <opa> is at level 0) while //[id=“Fuzz_2"] would find a node at depth 3 and in either cases I would like to get that number (2 or 3) as well as the actual node. I can assume the values for ‘id’  are unique.

I was wondering how I could go about finding the ‘depth’ of an item in the XML when using the LMTX built-in functions to work with XML. I don’t think there is a default function for that, is there?


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