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Malte Frank Gerdes malte.f.gerdes at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 13:31:23 CEST 2020


I'm new to context and found this

\installpagearrangement 1*4*reversed
   {\dosetuparrangement{2}{2}{4}{3}{3}% X,Y,Total,hcutmarks,vcutmarks

   \or \handlearrangedpageXandY{#1}010\arrangedpageA %  1 rot,hskip,vskip
   \or \handlearrangedpageXandY{#1}111\arrangedpageA %  2
   \or \handlearrangedpageXandY{#1}101\arrangedpageA %  3
   \or \handlearrangedpageXandY{#1}000\arrangedpageA %  4

\setuppapersize [A10][A8]
\setuparranging [1*4*reversed]
\setuplayout    [margin=0pt, width=fit]


\dorecurse{8}{\vbox to \textheight{\vfill\midaligned{\tfd ABC}\vfill}\page}

imposition scheme in the garden wiki and tried it out. Now i noticed
that this sets the imposition scheme for *every* page, but i would like
to have a different scheme on the second page (1*4), how do i set that
(if this is even possible)? 

The result should look like 

P4 P1
R3 R2

P5 P6
P7 P8

where 5-8 should be on the back of 1-4 (double sided).

Thanks in advacne for any help :)


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