[NTG-context] output file name query

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Sat May 23 23:52:53 CEST 2020

> Am 23.05.2020 um 14:43 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster <wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com>:
>>> 1. Drop the weird (sorry Hraban) naming system and use myfilename for your product.
>> I force nobody to use that.
> No and everybody has to find a system which fits best for him, prefixes can be useful (e.g. to avoid component and style files with the same name) but aren't necessary.

Usually my project and environment have the same name, but different prefix (in my weird nomenclature).

>>> 2. Use the result option on the command line, e.g. "context --result=myfilename prd_filename.tex".
>> But that still produces a "prd_filename.*" first and then renames it, making it impossible to keep a "prd_filename.pdf". Or did that change recently?
>> My workflows are adapted to that behaviour: "prd_*.pdf" is just the temporary version, none of those leaves my computer, but only nicely named PDFs (usually MyProductName_yyyy-mm-dd.pdf).
> Having a simple name doesn't mean it's the final name of the document.

Of course. But in most of my projects I have several products (e.g. magazine issues, books of a series), and with a prefix I can keep all the products together and list them like `ls prd_*.tex`.
Not only my contextproject.py but also my call scripts relay on my naming scheme. And since I use it in my main projects, I use it everywhere (if I use the project structure at all).

>> That contradicts the mode approach. It would be nice if we could set (or can we?) the result from within the product, depending on a mode – since the product is renamed only later anyway, that could be viable.
> This addition is easy because already reads the first line of the document for special setting (e.g. the engine) but anything which is set in the document requires more work because you don't know the new name *before* LuaTeX or LuaMetaTeX create the PDF.

You don’t need to know the name before ConTeXt creates the PDF, because it uses the original filename and only renames the files (pdf, tuc, log) afterwards. Or misunderstood I something?


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