[NTG-context] What does the exporter try to tell me.

Christoph Hinterm├╝ller christoph at out-world.com
Sun May 17 18:32:58 CEST 2020

I'm trying to improove the T-vim module such that it is also working
properly in xml export setup. 

In the current ConTeXt standalone the exporter tries to tell me
something when reporting "possible paragraph mixup" at any character
followoing the first paragraph. And no output from the code block
between start<>stop. I got that far that it has to do something with
the redefinitoin of end of line chars or alike in the code behind and
between the package specific start<> and stop<> commands. But i do not
catch what the exporter trying to yell at me.

So what additoinal trackers exempt the ones registered by the exporter
do i have to activate to see what the exporter has to process on?
What documentation should i read before continueing? 
What hast to be done inside the start stop, `\obeyline` etc macros to
ensure the exporter is provided with a proper document sturcuture/tree
which can be properly and flawlessly processed.

All tex commands which should be reflected in the xml output by tags
include inside their code `\starttagged` and `\stoptagged` commands but
my impression is that something important the exporter needs to have
any chance to gnereate porper clean output is missing and I'm missign
any clue what and where to startoff.

Xristoph (Hernot)

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