[NTG-context] error during the installation of luametatex

Rik Kabel ConTeXt at rik.users.panix.com
Sat May 9 15:27:19 CEST 2020

On 5/9/2020 02:52, Hans Hagen wrote:
> looks like a wrong binary .. should be 2.06.02 .. can you try this 
> binary:
> http://dl.contextgarden.net/build/luametatex/x86_64-darwin/
> (the farm generates two binaries for osx and it looks like the legacy 
> machine has gone off line which happens when osx updates itself and 
> gets stuck half way, i'll look into it)
> Hans
I have the following update log entries (left column is EDT), indicating 
a roll-back of the binary:

    2020-05-07T10:59:03  ConTeXt updated from 2020.04.30T11:15 to
    2020-05-07T10:59:03  LuaMetaTeX updated from 2.05.01 to 2.06.01
    2020-05-07T10:59:03  LuaMetaTeX functionality updated from 20200402
    to 20200506
    2020-05-08T15:14:26  ConTeXt updated from 2020.05.07T11:03 to
    2020-05-08T15:14:26  LuaMetaTeX downdated from 2.06.01 to 2.05.01
    2020-05-08T15:14:26  LuaMetaTeX functionality downdated from
    20200506 to 20200402
    2020-05-09T09:19:39  ConTeXt updated from 2020.05.08T20:50 to
    2020-05-09T09:19:39    LuaMetaTeX unchanged at 2.05.01
    2020-05-09T09:19:39    LuaMetaTeX functionality unchanged at 20200402

Perhaps there is an problem with the installation files?


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