[NTG-context] Placing number in \sqrt

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Mon May 4 10:42:04 CEST 2020

On Mon, 4 May 2020, Hans Hagen wrote:

> On 5/4/2020 8:47 AM, context at vivaldi.net wrote:
>> Hello,
>> compare placing "3" in the following examples:
>> ----
>> \starttext
>>    $\sqrt[3]{5}$ % (1)
>>    \par
>>    $\sqrt[3~]{5}$ % (2)
>> \stoptext
>> ----
>> In the first case, the "3" is placed naturally by ConTeXt and placed 
>> more in the centre of "V" part of the square sign.
>> In the second example, the "3" is shifted manually by adding "~" and the 
>> final placement seems to me a bit better.
>> What is your opinion - is the case (1) OK/intended and user should avoid 
>> any manual shifting?
>> Or manual shifting is OK? Or is there a way to affect this placement 
>> globally in ConTeXt, e.g. setting an internal variable?
> If we can come up with a proper name for a parameter we can make it a 
> setting. One of these things that Aditya and I will to discuss when we 
> have time and are in math mood. (There is much more in math we could 
> control if needed, but often in the end that control is not that much 
> needed at all.)

As an example, see this question about customized square root signed which was asked on TeX.SE a few years ago:



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