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Thu Apr 30 02:05:11 CEST 2020

Hi list,

With 99% of work complete on a book, including single page images, I now 
find myself confronted with a final problem: how to run one image across 
facing pages or in other words, one image (plus its caption) across a 
two-page spread, such that there is no gap.

I have tried a number of fairly crass attempts (obviously too simple) to 
see if I could get somewhere near what I want, e.g.

\externalfigure[plate12.jpg][width=\paperwidth, height=.7\paperheight, 
frame=none] {\tfx \sc Plates 12, 13. \tfx Twenty trucks from the 
Netherlands setting off}

\externalfigure[plate13.jpg][width=\paperwidth, height=.7\paperheight, 
frame=none] {\tfx for their first mission amongst the German diaspora.}

My thinking here was that \paperwidth might help extend the image to the 
inner edge on the left-hand page, but it doesn't work that way for the 
right-hand page, since there it extends to the outer edge, not the inner 
edge! The .7\paperheight was to provide room for the caption. But all in 
all, this is no solution!

If it is any help, the setup dimensions for the book are US Digest:

   [ACN][width=5.5in,height=8.5in] %  w140mm x h216mm

I then looked up how one might do it in LaTeX, and found the following 

How much of that would be transferable to ConTeXt? (I am thinking 
particularly of the |\newcommand*{\twopagepicture}[4]| bit.

There are explanations for how to do this in InDesign, and since it is 
something someone might often want to do (e.g. in magazines), I also 
thought it might be easier to find reference to it on Contextgarden, yet 
haven't found anything there. But I am sure ConTeXt has a way to do this.

Could someone point me in the right direction with this please?



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