[NTG-context] Using \doifelse to change the itemization symbol in specific cases

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 23:11:25 CEST 2020

Kevin Kenan schrieb am 25.04.2020 um 21:24:
> I’m trying to create a conditional that changes the symbol used for certain item numbers. Here’s my code that doesn’t work.
> \define[1]\StepsCommand{\doifelse{#1}{2}{k}{#1}\ignorespaces}
> \defineitemgroup[Steps]
> \setupitemgroup[Steps][each][n,packed]
> \setupitemgroup[Steps][each][left=\StepsCommand]
> \starttext
> \startSteps
> \item A
> \item B % the item number should be replaced with 'k'
> \item C
> \stopSteps
> \stoptext
> The second item “B” should have the letter ‘k’ instead of the number “2.” Is this possible?

You can set custom symbols for individual items with \txt but this won't 
increment the item counter. To continue the counter and replace some 
symbol you have to create your own number conversion.

\defineconversion [kevin] [1,k,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]


\item A
\txt{k} B
\item C


\item A
\item B
\item C



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