[NTG-context] Text size with lmt_text [ ]

Fabrice Couvreur fabrice1.couvreur at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 00:02:16 CEST 2020

As an extension of this discussion
(thanks to Wolfgang), I used the MetaFun interface with lmt_text [] ; I
managed to pass the text and color parameters while I did not succeed using
textext (). My problem is the size of the letters which is too small.
Thank you.


\definecolor [prune] [r=1.29,g=.20,b=.83]



  vardef card(expr s, c) = image(
       draw fullsquare xyscaled (2cm,4cm);
       draw fullsquare xyscaled (1.8cm,3.8cm) withcolor \MPcolor{violet};
       draw lmt_text[
       text  = s,
       color = c,
       style = "bold",

  draw card("A",red) rotatedaround((1cm,2cm),5);
  draw card("L",green) rotatedaround((1cm,2cm),-5) shifted(3.5cm,0);
  draw card("E",blue) rotatedaround((1cm,2cm),5) shifted(6cm,0);
  draw card("A","prune") rotatedaround((1cm,2cm),-5) shifted(9cm,0);


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