[NTG-context] accessing prd file from component file

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 20:49:25 CEST 2020

Alan Bowen schrieb am 22.04.2020 um 17:38:
> When my component files were in the same directory as my component 
> files, the line
> %! TeX root = prd_whatever
> allowed processing the component file from the component file. (I use 
> TeXShop for this.)
> The project structure has been changed: the component files are in a 
> subdirectory of the directory that has the prd file. Now,
> %! TeX root = prd_whatever
> no longer works. (E.g., it cannot find the environment files called in 
> the prd file.)
> Is there a way to restore processing from the component file. My 
> experiments are near to wearing out the “error” message/page.

What I get from your description is that your problem is editor
related and has nothing to do with ConTeXt itself.

What I found online is that TeXShop has to be told [1] to search
for the main file in higher folder with

% !TEX root = ../prd_whatever

It is possible to do something similar with ConTeXt itself but
then you get only a PDF with the current file and not the complete

[1] TeXShop Tips & Tricks: https://herbs.github.io/


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