[NTG-context] fun with frames and tables

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Mon Apr 13 14:07:12 CEST 2020


after I re-setup my computer (harddisk got tired...) I’m now trying to update my old Midgard RPG character sheet (https://github.com/fiee/ConTeXt/tree/master/midgard) and run into some problems that I don’t understand while trying to fill one page with several tables.

Here’s a quite minimal example:



\dorecurse{10}{\bTR\bTD x \eTD\bTD y \eTD\eTR}
\dorecurse{10}{\bTR\bTD x \eTD\bTD y \eTD\bTD z \eTD\eTR}


I’m trying to get those tables side by side, but the size of the wrapping box is somehow miscalculated – if I set the width, the left table disappeares to the left, if I don’t, the box exceeds the paper width.
Maybe it’s completely unrelated to the tables.

In the full document, there’s also space before or after one of the tables, so that they don’t align.
There are actually not just two tables, but a short wide one and a combination of 3*2 small ones on the left side (that’s why I seem to need that \vbox) and a big table on the right side. But I’ll care about the other problems if I understand what’s going on with those boxes.

Happy Easter & best regards,

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