[NTG-context] Fwd: Using Lua files in project structure

Jairo A. del Rio jairoadelrio6 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 15:59:40 CEST 2020

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Date: lun., 6 de abr. de 2020 a la(s) 08:58
Subject: Re: [NTG-context] Using Lua files in project structure
To: Wolfgang Schuster <wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com>

Well, I'll be more specific. I attach a zip file showing a minimal example
of what I achieved so far and its output (labelled "Works") and what I
actually want, but does not work (labelled "Doesnotwork"). I've tried
different commands and combinations, all of them useless. As a side note,
I'm porting some TikZ functions. Although it is not recommended in ConTeXt,
some of them are really necessary to me.

El dom., 5 de abr. de 2020 a la(s) 11:05, Wolfgang Schuster (
wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com) escribió:

> Jairo A. del Rio schrieb am 05.04.2020 um 17:49:
> > None of them work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
> I guess so because
>      \loadluafile[testh.lua]
> and
>      \luaenvironment testh.lua
> work for me.
> Wolfgang
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