[NTG-context] splitted xtable with repeating headers and placetable

Geert Dobbels dobbels.geert at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 5 00:30:02 CEST 2020


Below is what I think is the bare minimum to explain this question
(sorry for not doing it right from the beginning...)

As I said, with the code as it is below, the header is not repeated
after the first page, but the table is in the right place.

Replacing "split=yes" by "split=repeat" makes the header repeat
correctly but puts the beginning of the table on the next page, leaving
the first page nearly completely blank.

In both cases, the "header=repeat" setting has no influence at all on
the behaviour and can be omitted without changing the results.

As I read in some other posts, sometimes putting the table in a float
can help, so I tried this (by removing the 3 "%" in the code below), but
there seems to be a conflict with the figure in the page header, and it
stops with an error message.

However, replacing the figure in the page header by a normal text
suddenly solves the problem: putting "split" in the setupfloat and
"header=repeat" in the setupxtable gives me a table with repeated
headers that starts exactly where I want it to start. Apparently in this
case, the "headers=repeat" is necessary. Unfortunately, I need a company
logo up in the page header, which is what causes the error for which I
have no explanation.

btw: I am using context standalone version: 2020.01.30 14:13


\setuppapersize[A4, landscape]

\setuplayout[location=middle, width=27.5cm, height=18cm,


\setupbackgrounds[header][text][background={Logos}, state=repeat]



\framed[width=\textwidth, height=3cm, align=right, strut=no, offset=none]{


{\placefigure[force][]{none}{\externalfigure[somepic.png][height=1.9cm]} }

\framed[width=0.430\textwidth,height=3cm,align=middle] {sometext in the

\framed[width=0.270\textwidth, height=3cm, align=middle]{sometext on the




\setupxtable[ option=stretch,split=repeat,header=repeat,align=middle]



Some lines of text. This text must come just before the table, but only
on the first page of the table



\startxcell first \stopxcell

\startxcell second \stopxcell

\startxcell third \stopxcell

\startxcell fourth \stopxcell

\startxcell fifth \stopxcell

\startxcell sixth \stopxcell













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