[NTG-context] startcombination place reference left of images instead below

Christoph Hintermüller christoph at out-world.com
Tue Mar 24 11:01:26 CET 2020

Hi Wolfgang

> Did my first tabulate/itemize example work for you?
> I have no problem including your graphic in a table although the
> size 
> isn't perfect.
> \starttext
> \startplacetable[title={some caption},reference={fig:somefig}]
>      \startitemize[a][stopper=)]
>          \starttabulate
>          \NI \startMPcode input heap ; \stopMPcode \NC\NR
>          \stoptabulate
>      \stopitemize
> \stopplacetable
> \stoptext
> Without the actual error message it's hard to tell what's wrong but
> I 
> guess your installation doesn't know the \NI command for tabulate.
> The best would be to update your three year old ConTeXt version.

It seems so
I tried to update everything using the latest distributeion of texlive
for Ubuntu 18.04 form launchpad.net jonathanf but it seems as he does
not really verify the context and luatex packages. 

Do you know a wroking ubuntu debian repo/ppa for installing context and
all related? 
Alternatively as i do get lua errors what luaversion would you
recommend and what additional lua packages are necessary possibly not
considered by jonathanf?

What alternative installation packages do you recommend exempt
compiling from sources? 

Best Xristoph

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