[NTG-context] Left hanging hyphen

Tomas Hala tomas.hala at mendelu.cz
Mon Mar 2 12:22:26 CET 2020

Hi all,

in composed words in Czech and Slovak languages, the hyphen must be repeated 
at the beginning of the new line. How can I make it hanging at the left margin?


% for repeating the hyphen
\def\mylanguage{cs} \appendtoks \ifx\mylanguage\currentlanguage \setbreakpoints[czcompound] \else \resetbreakpoints \fi \to\everylanguage 
\def\mylanguage{sk} \appendtoks \ifx\mylanguage\currentlanguage \setbreakpoints[czcompound] \else \resetbreakpoints \fi \to\everylanguage

modro-zelený  %blue-green

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