[NTG-context] Multistandard PDF

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Fri Feb 28 19:01:05 CET 2020

On 2/27/20 3:19 PM, Robin Schwab wrote:
> [...]
> Why should I have to choose whether my PDF is accessible to search
> engines, the disabled or the print-shop? Shouldn't everybody be able to
> access my document?

Hi Robin,

I may be missing your point, but consider the following: you are setting
a format or a format version.

AfaIk, documents that contain file format information inside only allow
one format. They may be compilant with other formats (or versions of the
same format), but this is something else.

With PDF versions and standards, this goes the same way. You might have
a PDF-1.7 document that only uses features already defined in PDF-1.4.
Also you might have a PDF/A document with features already available in

But in any case, you only have one field for document version (or standard).

Just in case it helps,


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