[NTG-context] Any plans for an active color management?

Floris van Manen vm at klankschap.nl
Mon Feb 17 18:52:26 CET 2020

On 17-02-2020 16:10, juh wrote:
> At least, digital images are always RGB.
> In my special case we started with a RGB corporate design as we are an
> online cooperative. Print comes later.

The thing is that in print the CMYK will result in a fixed well defined
object: a physical  print on paper. That is then the reference.
The complete chain of getting the information into print is well defined.

Compare that to the world of digital monitor viewing.
None is well defined, every monitor and platform has its own unknown
settings. How would you translate those into a printed document?

So my point was that it might be more convenient to first create the
publication for print, then let individual pdf browsers do their trick
in their own environment rendering the CMYK into RGB or whatever...

Unless it is fun to do both of course...

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