[NTG-context] Any plans for an active color management?

Jan U. Hasecke juh+ntg-context at mailbox.org
Mon Feb 17 17:57:24 CET 2020

Hi Henning Hraban,

I contacted three print shops and they demand three different color
profiles, one of them prints on "100 % recycling paper" with an uncoated
profile. The other two use ISO Coated v2 300% and Coated Fogra 39.

Being online shops I think they will complain if not the right profile
is provided. But anyway.

I will summarize:

Am 17.02.20 um 16:35 schrieb Henning Hraban Ramm:

> That means you should keep your photos in (profiled) RGB. Probably
> best use sRGB to stay device independend, because that’s default for
> monitors, even if printshops like Adobe RGB or one of the profiles
> that shrink the RGB color space to printable colors.

1. All my images should be profiled. I think I can do this in Gimp.

> For type and logos I still rely on (device dependend) CMYK colors and
> my experience how they’ll come out in Euroscale printing. 

Device depended means what?

I did this to convert our RGB corporate colors to device depended CMYK:

transicc -i sRGB.icc -o Fogra/Iso-whatever.icc

But what shall I do with the logo? It is a RGB SVG.

Do I understand you correctly that the best would be to ask someone with
Indesign to convert it to CMYK with the above cited profile chain?

Or shall I tell the designer: These are the values I need as CMYK, just
do it.

> Colors that you define in TeX or Metapost are a different problem. I
> *think* they should use the output intent as their profile. But I
> don’t know if the intent option of \setupcolors and/or \setupbackend
> really works this way. (My only means to check was Acrobat Pro 9, and
> that won’t run on a current macOS any more.)

I do it like this:

\definecolor  [hs-logoblau]   [c=1.000, m=0.735, y=0.279, k=0.160]
\definecolor  [hs-dunkelblau] [c=0.844, m=0.544, y=0.070, k=0.000]
\definecolor  [hs-hellblau]   [c=0.468, m=0.220, y=0.086, k=0.002]
\definecolor  [hs-orange]     [c=0.127, m=0.832, y=1.000, k=0.042]


   intent={Coated FOGRA39 (ISO 12647-2:2004)},

I like your thought that all profiles are more or less the same. That
would mean that my designer could convert our SVG logo and our SVG icons
to Device-profiled CMYK-PDF and I am good.
 Thanks for your help.

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