[NTG-context] Repeat backgrounds on slides

Jan U. Hasecke juh+ntg-context at mailbox.org
Fri Feb 14 09:10:22 CET 2020

Am 13.02.20 um 20:39 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster:

> This is normal behaviour for layers but you can repeat it on every page with
>     \definelayer [bg:...] [state=repeat]

Thanks. There was a dark idea of this in the back of my brain.

> In your case a simple overlay is the simpler solution to get repeated images on every page, i.e.
>   \defineoverlay [bg:hs2020-mond] [{\externalfigure[background.jpg][height=\paperheight]}]
> or
>   \defineoverlay [bg:hs2020-mond] [\overlayfigure{background.jpg}]

Is this defining and setting in one command? Can I set the offset in
this way, too?


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