[NTG-context] Label in externalfigures

Jan-Erik Hägglöf janerik.hagglof at bahnhof.se
Wed Feb 12 16:49:02 CET 2020

Dear Members!

I have a question on how to achieve something like this.

\IncludePicture[picture.pdf][xpos=2, ypos= 4, label=some text]

I know there is a similar function in the simple slides module but I need it in my documents, often exams to my students, so caption is mainly not necessary.

The background to this is that I often creating pictures in Inkscape and export it to pdf but sometimes I do screenshots and save it in .png or .pdf format. So I just want to put labels in it like a layer in same size as the included picture.

Or is this something that’s already solved so "reinventing wheel" is unnecessary?

Thanks in advance


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