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Richard Mahoney | Indica et Buddhica r.mahoney at indica-et-buddhica.org
Tue Feb 11 22:09:42 CET 2020

With the latest just uploaded I'm running into the following on Linux,
after trying all these:

mtxrun --script cache --erase --make

mtxrun --generate

context --make

I've also tried manually deleting the cache but the result is the

Does anyone know what might be wrong?

I'm attaching the log.

Best, Richard

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On 2/11/2020 5:18 PM, Floris van Manen wrote:
> On 11-02-2020 17:00, Hans Hagen wrote:
> > - support for ecmascript for those who think thayt javascript is
> > better
> > than lua (of course only to find out at some point that it's not
> > true in
> > the perspective of context but it migh tmake a transition easier).
> > For
> > the impatient:
> > 
> > http://www.pragma-ade.com/general/manuals/ecmascript-mkiv.pdf
> to (further) promote the usage of lua, it might help if the examples
> given in the pdf documentation will also include the (better) lua
> version...
sure but actually it can be that users have (or find) javascript code 
someplace that can help them do something without conversion (and 
introducing errors) ... of course assuming proper ecmascript

the interface in lmtx provides a way to pipe into tex (with catcode 
support) as well as access to files in the tex ecosystem (controlled)
it just provides the few interfaces needed on top of a basic engine 
conforming the 'standard'


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