[NTG-context] mtxrun

Rudolf Bahr quasi at quasi.de
Mon Feb 10 11:54:49 CET 2020

Hello ConTeXters!

LuaMetaTeX, Version 2.03.15
ConTeXt  ver: 2020.02.07 18:36 MKIV beta  fmt: 2020.2.10
works well doing my usual tasks.

Now, I put an .otf-font into ".../tex/texmf-local/", and made
   mtxrun --generate
   mtxrun --script fonts --reload
   mtxrun --script fonts --list --all --pattern=<pattern*>,
but didn't get the expected information on the new font from the last

So I investigated the output of the first two commands in more detail
and found:

1. mtxrun --generate:
   resolvers       | resolving | warning: no lua configuration files found
   resolvers       | resolving | no texmf paths are defined (using TEXMF)

   By the way, "TEXMF" seems to be a mtxrun variable and hasn't directly
   to do with the environmental variable "TEXMF" which gets extinguished.

2. mtxrun --script fonts --reload:
   mtxrun          | the resolver databases are not present or outdated
   mtxrun          | unknown script 'fonts.lua' or 'mtx-fonts.lua'

Please, what is to be done?

Best wishes,

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