[NTG-context] ConTeXt support for Atom or other text editors

Sébastien Wilmet foss at swilmet.be
Wed Jan 22 14:17:48 CET 2020

On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 04:14:53PM +0100, Hans Hagen wrote:
> On 1/21/2020 3:20 PM, Nicola wrote:
> > On 2020-01-21, Sébastien Wilmet <foss at swilmet.be> wrote:
> > > I'm actually looking for a text editor on Linux that supports those
> > > three features:
> > > - syntax highlighting
> > > - command completion
> > > - spell-checking
> > > 
> > > Does it exist?
> > 
> > Well, Vim has pretty solid support for ConTeXt (disclaimer: I am
> > maintaining the ConTeXt plugin distributed with Vim), including the
> > features you mention and much more:
> > 
> >      https://wiki.contextgarden.net/Vim
> > 
> > But if you have never used Vim, it has a steeper learning curve that
> > a typical text editor.
> > 
> (btw, in scite/textadept there is support for syntax support, real time
> spell checking, nested lexing, etc)

I already know Vim, but nowadays I prefer an application that I can just
launch and it just works, out of the box. With Vim I need to read the
docs of plugins, configure the plugins, remember what are the keyboard
shortcuts for spell-checking, etc. I should maybe try GVim instead of
using Vim in a terminal. Or Neovim.

I've tried to install scite and textadept, but on Linux it's a bit
difficult with Scintillua. And I'm not sure that command completion is

BTW I'm the author of GNOME LaTeX ;-)
(this text editor supports only LaTeX, unfortunalety). If I have the
time I would like to implement a new text editor specialized for TeX and


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