[NTG-context] column(sets) questions

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Sat Jan 18 13:48:38 CET 2020

Background: I’m typesetting the annual report of my home town’s "friends of the earth" chapter. The corporate design has pages with one, two and three columns (yes, that makes sense).
Chapter titles run over the whole page width or sometimes only over two columns on three column pages. Images, ads and "boxes" are one or two columns wide (here, top or bottom placement, "here" only in one column).
There are a few simple tables on one or two column pages.

I guess I must use columnsets? Still looking into the other options.
Can’t remember the details of the discussion I had with Hans in Bassenge...

In the preface of the columnsets manual we’re advised to 
This seems outdated.

If I use columnsets for two and three column pages, should I also use a one-column columnset for consistency?

Can I define columnsetspans whose width depends on the columnset? e.g. like


\startsetups cs:TwoCol

\startsetups cs:ThreeCol



(This doesn’t work, and it’s not a MWE.)

ConTeXt stops a few times (probably for every float) on \wait =,
I guess that comes from \page_grd_command_flush_floats in page-cst.mkiv;
is that necessary?

Page columns don’t have spans, right?

If I would want to use mixed columns, do I need to use \setupmixedcolumns etc. or do mixed columns already replace columns if I don’t \usemodule[old-columns]?
Do mixed columns have spans?

So far...

Greetlings, Hraban

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